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God in the Beginning

Creation Movie A Matter of Faith in Theaters 26 SEP 2014God in the Beginning
God in the beginning created the heavens and earth Jesus our Lord said “God is Spirit” God alone is the Creator. He is Holy and He is Spirit – the Holy Spirit. When the bible speaks of the spirit of God it is biblically speaking of the dunamis or power of God in action. God is Spirit and He is not a pantheistic God. God is Spirit and He cannot become a rock, a tree, an animal or a man. We are told flat out that God is not a man whom can lie to us – Numbers 23:19
God made man of the earth, formed man and gave man a soul life which consists of blood and oxygen – as long as a person breathes they have soul life. God went further with Adam and Eve and created holy spirit within them. Spirit is the image of God.
Adam and Eve disobeyed God and God promised to send a redeemer born of the seed of the woman – Genesis 3:15. The seed of a woman is a human being and only a human being. The narrative of the Bible tells us it would be 4 thousand years before the word of God was fulfilled and the Messiah was born of the seed of the woman whom was Mary. The Apostles Creed states Jesus as born of Holy Spirit which makes plain to us that the Father of Jesus is the ONE True God whom is Holy and Spirit – not a graven image or some other spirit god. When the Angel of God spoke to Mary about having a child Mary was told this child would be born of the Most High. All Israelites understood the Most High to be the ONE True God – not just any god.
Jesus was faithful to the light given him and he gave his life in obedience to God his Father. Jesus has pre-eminence in all things pertaining to The Church of His Body as he is the first to be raised from the dead and he has been appointed by God his Father as both the Messiah and Lord – meaning Lord of the Cosmos. Acts 2.
Jesus was not there in the beginning when God created the heavens and earth. Likewise, the promised spirit was not given until the day of Pentecost. This promised spirit is within us as we are literally baptized by Jesus with holy spirit the moment we believe God raised Jesus from the dead and Confess Jesus is Lord – The Apostle Paul – Romans 10:9&10 There is only ONE Holy Spirit outside of us in the entire universe and that is Almighty God.

The Apostle Paul exhorts us over and over to walk in the spirit. We are to walk in the spirit by the light of the 9 manifestations and 9 fruit of holy spirit. Each one of us have all 18 evidences of holy spirit. No more – no less.
We are to walk in fellowship with God our Father and Jesus our Lord via our spiritual birth of holy spirit. We are to walk in the bonds of spiritual fellowship with all members of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord and endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. The Apostle Paul reproved the Corinthians for not being orderly in their usuage of the manifestations of holy spirit in a fellowship – I Corinthians Chapters 12 – 14. We are to reprove those whom teach the lie that there are 2 Holy Spirits outside of us. Furthermore, the holy spirit with which Jesus baptizes us is not a person. This holy spirit is the divine nature of God. The Apostle Paul states God has placed His love within our heart – Romans 5:5. We are told this promised spirit given unto mankind since the day of Pentecost is “the spirit of truth”, “the spirit of sonship” and is a spirit of power. It is written: God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind – the thoughts of God and Jesus our Lord.
Let us walk in the spirit and speak the truth in love.dove net signature