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We are to Walk in the spirit

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The One True God of Israel is the only one whom sits on the throne in Heaven.  He is Spirit.  Jesus our Lord sits on the right hand of Almighty God.  God has empowered Jesus our Lord to reconcile all things to Him.  Lucifer wanted to usurp god and sit on the throne of God.  Jesus our Lord humbled himself as a servant to God and Israel.  God has empowered us whom belive the light of The Faith to be a co-worker with Him as an ambassador of His son whom is Jesus our Lord.  Our baptism of holy spirit by Jesus is the reality of our spiritual relationship with The ONE True God of Israel and His only begotten son Jesus our Lord.  We are to walk in the spirit of which we are born – this spirit is the gift of holy spirit which has 9 manifestations and 9 fruit.  We have all 18 evidences of holy spirit.  We are to walk in the spirit to put on the Armor of Light. The light we receive from God our Father and Jesus our Lord enables us to cast off the works of darkness. I say it again:  We are to walk in the spirit.Do YOU Lovedove net signature
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