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The Gospel of Jesus our Lord


The Apostle Paul says God has circumcised us with holy spirit.  He says that because we have holy spirit we can worship God in the spirit which is to pray in the spirit by speaking in tongues.
We receive holy spirit by being baptiz
ed by Jesus our Lord.  This holy spirit is the divine nature of God whom is Spirit and our spirit is holy and makes us righteous in the eyes of God.  We literally are born again of holy spirit and are the righteousness of God thru Jesus our Lord.
In the fulness of time according to the prophesy of the Prophet of God whom was Daniel the Messiah of God was born of the seed of the woman whom was Mary.  She named the Messiah Jesus.
Jesus died to ratify the New Covenant with his pure, sinless blood.  His blood was pure and sinless because the ONE True God of Israel whom is Spirit created seed in Mary.
God alone is the God and Father of Jesus our Lord.
God alone raised Jesus from the dead.
God alone thru Jesus made available for all mankind spiritual fellowship by spiritual birth of holy spirit on the day of Pentecost.
The moment YOU believe God raised Jesus from the dead and YOU confess Jesus is Lord – meaning Lord of the Cosmos YOU
are baptized by Jesus our Lord with holy spirit.
This makes YOU a member in particular of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord.
This spiritual birth of holy spirit is the reality that we are indeed a child of God and that we have without a doubt everlasting life thru Jesus our Lord.
This is the Gospel of Jesus whom has been appointed by God the Messiah of God, Lord of the Cosmos and Head of The Church of His Body.  This was confirmed when the promised holy spirit was sent on the day of Pentecost.
Glory forever to God our Father whom is The ONE True God of Israel whom is Spirit and glory forever to Jesus our Lord whom was faithful and ratified with his blood the New CovenantCreation Movie A Matter of Faith in Theaters 26 SEP 2014.