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God is King in His High Place

If Chrildren Ruled the World - World Peace#Today WED2AUG2017 #WordlightFellowship
God is King in His High Place
There is only one King in His Highest place abode and Jesus His son and our Lord is subservient to Him. Jesus has been duly appointed Lord of the cosmos now and this was confirmed unto us on the day God sent the promised spirit and spiritual fellowship by spiritual birth of holy spirit was given to all mankind, not just the nation of Israel.
Israel looked for the Messiah of God whom would rule the world from Jerusalem. We are given the light that Israel rejected Jesus as the Messiah of God and Jesus was put to death. God raised Jesus from the dead and has appointed him both the Messiah and Lord. One day Jesus will rule as King forever when the kingdom of God which is Paradise is restored by the creation of a new heavens and earth wherein God and Jesus will rule forever.
However, before that time Dark Angel is causing his evil in this world. When Jesus is sent back by God to earth and is victorious in the war known as Armageddon, Jesus will rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with a rod of iron wherein the prophecy of Isaiah 2:1-4 and Isaiah 11: 1-9 will be fulfilled. There will be real peace on earth.
We are to build-up the Body of Christ. We are members in particular of His Body the Church. Jesus our Lord has all authority over the affairs of The Church of His Body which will exist until Jesus gathers us together.
This is the gathering together or the rapture.
The Kingdom of God or Paradise is not yet here. Paradise is a future reality that all believing Jews and Christians look forward to come when the Lord Jesus will fulfill his role as Messiah and Lord and will bring about the Kingdom of God or Paradise.
All who now in this age of The Church of His Body whom respond to the good news of spiritual fellowship and everlasting life offered by God thru His son Jesus by grace can now look forward to guaranteed everlasting life with Jesus our Lord in Paradise.
Yours in the Bonds of
James R Cathey Th.D, Ph.D.
Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975
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Delivered from the power of Dark Angel by Romans 10 verses 9and10