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Cause of Evil & Suffering

USA Patriot with HeartGreetings, This post concerns the teens murdered in Parkland FL:
When YOU tell a grieving parent who has just lost their child due to murder that God is in control YOU have just shattered their trust and hope in God. How can YOU love a God that just murdered your child?

God says that He rewards people whom seek Him and He adds no trouble to it. Proverbs 10:22.

Jesus proclaimed we are to love God with our whole heart, mind and strength.

God is Love. Jesus taught us that the Adversary of God seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus said Satan is a liar and murderer from the beginning.
Satan is involved when there is murder, not God. Actually God and His son Jesus our Lord work all things to our good. God is not a murderer.

God is the only true source of comfort and stating that God causes suffering actually causes a person to take no comfort in God. They then blame themselves, have self-guilt, and hate and blame God.

I believe with Jesus that Satan is the cause of evil and suffering. God and Jesus have rescued us from darkness by our spiritual birth of holy spirit.
We are to walk in the spirit.
It grieves me the uber driver who brought the murderer to the school nor any of the teachers and students knew evil was coming that day. Learn to walk in the spirit.
In the Old Testament they thought God was the cause of good and evil. Jesus our Lord taught Israel that God is Love and His Adversary Satan is the cause of evil and suffering.
Satan is still trying to usurp God by having people question His love and goodness. Satan has not yielded to Jesus as Lord of the Cosmos. The “god of this world” Satan our Adversary has free will just like everyone else. God does not control us like puppets. God does not send suffering to humble us.

God our Father and Jesus our Lord seek to deliver us from evil. They can and will warn us of imminent danger. We are to walk in the spirit we receive by baptism from Jesus. This holy spirit is within us and has 9 manifestations & 9 fruit Learn the light of THE FAITH
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God is Spirit



god-and-jesus-are-the-truth-and-they-will-prevail-against-dark-angel#Today SUN 4 FEB 2018 #WordlightFellowship The Eternal Spirit alone is God. Trinitarians accept the Bible as the word of God. I don’t think they believe God nor Jesus our Lord. Jesus has told us God is Spirit. Spirit cannot become a man. The Apostle Paul says Jesus is a man, the only man who is our mediator with God. The Messiah of God was born a human being and just a human being. The Messiah of God was names Jesus.  Jesus is alive forevermore in an immortal human body.

Jesus is not God the Son. God the Son is nowhere stated by God in His Word. What is stated is that Jesus was born of divine origin(the word of God is divine – the word of God is NOT A PERSON), Jesus had pure blood and was obedient unto death to ratify the New Covenant with his pure blood, Jesus died and God raised Jesus from the dead and God appointed him both the Messiah and Lord.

God is ONE. ONE equals ONE – not 2 or 3. The gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit is the power of God – This gift of holy spirit is not a person. The gift of holy spirit from God is incorruptible seed inside of us-1Peter 1:23. By definition, a gift is not a person.

God is an entity in Himself. He is the only ONE Eternal Spirit. Trinitarians ignore the meaning of words as used by God. The logic of Trinitarians contradict the words of God. Trinitarians are truly ignorant of spiritual matters and are not trustworthy because instead of changing from a lie to the truth, they continue to perpetuate the lies of Darkness that began in the 3rd century.
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