Welcome to this Wordlight Fellowship Endeavor


Yahweh Almighty God is the ONE Eternal Spirit-He alone is God – There is no other God -Yahweh in the Hebrew is ONE! Yahweh is the Father- He is the Father of His son Jesus & He is our Father.- Yahweh is the ONE who sent the promised holy spirit on the day of Pentecost. We are baptized with holy spirit the moment we believe Yahweh has raised His son Jesus from the dead and we Confess Jesus is Lord-Yahweh raised Jesus from the dead and duly appointed him both the Messiah and Lord of the Cosmos. The holy spirit we receive by baptism is a new creation within us and has 9 manifestations and 9 fruit. We are to walk in the spirit in spiritual fellowship with Yahweh, His son Jesus and with fellow members of the Body of Christ the Church.

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